Brick-Slip Chimneys

Elegant, authentic and handcrafted with cut brick or stone.

Our brick-slip chimneys are designed with heritage and authenticity in mind. They are constructed using a one-piece fibreglass box that is surfaced with thinly cut brick or stone.

Elegant and authentic, our brick-slip chimneys are indistinguishable from traditional brick and mortar chimneys and are therefore the first choice for heritage restorations.

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight – at as little as 150kgs, our chimneys are less than 10% of the weight of a traditional brick and mortar chimney (5 tonne or more).
  • Authentic – 100% authentic brick surface with the ability to use existing, vintage or new bricks. A great solution for heritage-listed buildings by incorporating original bricks.
  • Quakesafe – insurance companies in NZ recognise QSBS as the superior solution for chimney replacement.
  • Engineered – fully engineered and compliant with the NZ building code.
  • Embraced by the Historic Places Trust and the Auckland and Christchurch City Council Heritage Teams as an appropriate solution for chimney replacement and resource consent requirements.

View our gallery to see examples of our stunning, safe and secure brick-slip chimneys.