Chimney Pots

Moulded chimney pots for the modern, vintage and heritage chimney.

Chimney Pots are like the icing on the cake – a small, finessing detail, a finishing touch. And it is these small details that preserve the character of your home.

Our large range of composite lightweight chimney pots include replicas taken from original old Victorian pots collected from around New Zealand as well as unique, modern and vintage pot designs.

We can replicate an original chimney pot from your home, or give you options to choose from our extensive range.

Stunning, safe and secure – our building solutions will ensure you can have your cake with icing too!

Traditional Homebush Pot

Jetmaster Replica

Rangi Ruru heritage  Pots Medium and Large Diameter

Quakesafe “Tall Slim” (with Thunder Cowls Inside and bird proofing a top)

Swannanoa Replica Pots (small and medium diameters) 

Tall Slim and a Short Fat