Quakesafe 1950’s Brick and Tile

Quakesafe Composite Chimney....1950's style has added real value to this home.

Quakesafe Brick Veneer Chimneys

Quakesafe design with Brick Veneer meets demanding Heritage Requirements

Heritage Rebuild in Brick Veneer

Original bricks used, working fires installed. -Beautiful and Safe-

Grand Old Homestead

All chimneys replaced with lightweight, Stunning rendered tops with dentils, Replica Chimney Pots

Architectural Details

Historic architectural details can be saved and made light and safe.

Quakesafe Composite Chimney

We provide various Lightweight and Safe chimney options to suit all types of home.

Quakesafe Heritage Chimney Solutions

Lightweight- Safe- Weatherproof - Durable- Original Bricks

Canterbury Club 2013

We specialize in designing and building truly Authentic looking faux chimney solutions, architectural details and a range of other earthquake proof building solutions

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  • Quakesafe Composite Chimneys
  • Quakesafe Brickslip Chimneys

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